Art students participate in art installation at the high school

For weeks now, several Lampeter-Strasburg art students including Shannon Ferrari, Rachel Fish, Ashley Mellinger, Mercedes Gieger lead by senior Makenna Glessner have been spotted in the hall. However, they weren't cutting class. They have been busy with an art installation.

This mural is based on a Sol LeWitt wall painting called Parallel Curves or Wall Drawing 999 and is combined with an abstract hand drawing by Lampeter-Strasburg student Makenna Glessner.
Wall Drawing 999 was designed for the Lever House in New York, one of the first glass and steel International Style office buildings built in the United States. The drawing spans two walls on the building's second floor and is visible from the exterior courtyard. The sinuous web of wavy black bands on a white background provides a dramatic contrast to the building's formal geometry and uniform, grid-based design.

The art department wanted to contrast the formal geometry and block like nature of the traditional school setting by adding this serpentine design that is meant to move with you as you proceed down this transitional hallway. The art department hopes this adds a progressive element to the high school that encourages a positive and exciting environment in which to learn.

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