2017 Pioneer Yearbook now available

After months of hard work and waiting, students at the high school received their yearbooks.
Freshman are excited to get their first high school yearbooks while seniors are getting their last and most memorable edition.

"The yearbooks are amazing and I love them.” says Emma Medlock, a freshman.

This year people are impressed with the yearbooks and are excited to look through it and read all the stories. With only six days left in the academic year, students are happy to look back over the exciting year and have this permanent reminder.
There are many fun and happy senior quotes about how their lives went in high school and how much fun they had. It contains many fun things and pictures from activities done by the whole school and by classes throughout the year.

This yearbook is a good way to say goodbye to the seniors who are leaving with all of their happy high school memories and moving on to the rest of their lives. Freshman can remember their first year in high school and how much fun they had experiencing high school for the first time. The tenth and eleventh graders will get to look back at this amazing year with the yearbook.

There are a limited number of yearbooks available for students still wishing to purchase one.

--Hannah Martz, LS News reporter

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