'High School Musical' cast astonishes while smashing attendance records

As Saturday night's performance of High School Musical started its final curtain call beginning with the graduating seniors, you could first hear sniffling and then crying when at least one actress broke down.
Not all tears are sad.
She had a lot reasons to cry.

Maybe it was because the cast had just completed four performances in only 50 hours.
Maybe it was because there was only 2.5 hours between when Saturday's matinee ended and the evening performance started.
Maybe it was because that night's performance had brought the audience to their feet for a standing ovation.
Maybe it was because children could be seen dancing from their seats and in the isles.
Maybe it was because the show had smashed Lampeter-Strasburg musical attendance records.
Maybe she cried because it was over or simply because it had happened.

This weekend's production of High School Musical was witnessed by approximately 5,000 people. If you count the teasers earlier in the week that number swells to 8,000.
Logan Emmert and Lauren Bliss lead the cast in "Stick to the Status Quo."
Those 8,000 people were not just L-S community members, students and families from at least Penn Manor, Manheim Township, Manheim Central, and Garden Spot (who is also doing the same musical next month) made the commute.

On March 2, 3, and 4, the Lampeter-Strasburg Thespian Society put on High School Musical for the annual spring musical. Kyra Hersh who went to see the last performance on March 4 said that one of the first songs was Troy, played by Logan Emmert, and Gabriela's, played by Lauren Bliss, song "Start of Something New," with the whole cast joining in for a reprise after their duet. Hersh thought it was a strong start to a great play. L-S student, Victoria Popielarski, says after seeing the musical, "I really liked the beginning number!"
Left to right: Director Kevin Ditzler, Brendan Massar, Ashely Crutcher, Logan Emmert, and Lauren Bliss.
Hersh said, "One of my favorite numbers during the whole show was 'Stick to the Status Quo,' which was very well directed and choreographed. I loved how the entire cast was involved in that scene and they each had different roles. It was obvious to all viewers that the cast had put so much time and energy into this performance."

Hersh also said, "The finale of 'We're All In This Together' was so well sung and choreographed. I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the number." After the "curtain closed," seniors came out onto the stage for one final song and curtain call. Several were crying for this was their last high school show.
Ashely Crutcher and Brendan Massar
Whatever the reason for those tears, the cast and crew of High School Musical had been a part of something special.

--By Kyra Hersh, LS News reporter

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