Help L-S students in need by donating to L-S Community Closet

Did you know that nearly 23 percent of Lampeter-Strasburg students live at or below the poverty level? That's almost one out of every four students. For more information read our feature on poverty here at L-S. 

L-S Community Closet is a community organization that is lending a helping hand to students in need. LSCC works closely with Mrs. Michelle Holland, an L-S social worker who helps to identify students in need.

How can you help?
The LSCC is having a clothing drive on Friday, March 24 between 9 am and 1 pm at the Lampeter United Methodist Church. Items will be distributed to anyone in the L-S school district that needs them the following day at the same location.

In addition to clothing collection and distribution, L-S Community Closet provides financial support to students in the L-S school community are are in need as identified by Holland. For example, in the past three years, L-S Community Closet has assisted families with utility bills, medical bills, and educational expenses.

Remember not all needs are visible. For more information about L-S Community Closet visit their Facebook page.

Download the L-S Community Closet form

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