Garden Spot FFA visits Harrisburg for ACES leadership conference

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In this installment of In My Own Words, Stephanie Mays talks about her recent visit to Harrisburg for the FFA ACES leadership conference.  

On Saturday, February 4. the members of the Garden Spot FFA at Lampeter-Strasburg went to the ACES (Agricultural Cooperation Establishes Success) conference with the goal of improving teamwork and leadership skills while meeting other Pennsylvania FFA members.
Add Left to right: Libby Baker-Mikesell, Sarah Gonzalez, Stephanie Mays, Garrett Jenkins, Tricia Hojnowski, and Jacob Kline. 
We left from the high school at around 10 am. When we got to the Sheraton Hotel in Harrisburg, we went into a big ballroom. There we had a introduction about this year's theme: "Journey--Activate with Purpose, Passion & Potential.”

After the introduction we split up into groups to participate in five different workshops.
  1. Communicating The Brand
  2. Establishing Success
  3. Agriculture Across the USA
  4. Life After FFA
  5. Careers/Ag Choice Farm Credit
My favorite workshop was Agriculture Across the USA.

After the workshops were over we got our stuff from the van and went to our rooms before dinner. At dinner, we had a lot of fun. We talked about the workshop sessions and what the new members, like me, thought about their first year at ACES. We also talked if we would want to go again. In my opinion, I am definitely going back.

At dinner the advisors participated in a dance battle. That was pretty funny.

After dinner they held a dance for those in attendance. I got to learn how to line dance thanks to the Pennsylvania FFA vice president, Jacob Kline.
Back row left to right: Tyler Stoltzfus, Jordan Martin, Kyle Spotts, Bryce Good, Jared Risser and Roddie Rice
Middle Row left to right: Gracie Hess, Hadassah Hoover, Leah Welk and Jess Herr
Bottom Row left to right: Danae Ranck, Hannah-Grace Baxter, Hannah Martz, Me and Bella Eckert
We go to hang out with other FFA state officers. I talked to the state secretary, Sarah Gonzalez, about her experience at ACESs and this is what she said about it.

"It was super fun to be back at ACES but with a different perspective on the conference. I remember going as a junior in high school and having a blast, but this time around was even more fun! Getting to plan ACES with my team was an experience I'll never forget! I enjoyed all of the workshops my team members conducted, and it was exciting to see the two workshops the alumni put together."
After the dance, we had time to reflect on how well we liked the conference before going back to our rooms. In the morning, we had breakfast. I got a picture with some of the state officers as well as a chapter picture. 

It was an amazing trip to ACES.

--By Stephanie Mays, LS News reporter

In My Own Words is a first person written series that highlights Lampeter-Strasburg High School students activities.

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