CrossFit changed this student's life

I know CrossFit might look scary, but once you have experienced it it's actually amazing. Before I started doing CrossFit I would watch my mom go to the gym at 3 in the morning to do these vigorous workouts. She then came home completely wiped out and complained about how much she hurt. That was all I knew about CrossFit.

You can probably imagine how scary it was for me when she told me that I would be starting CrossFit with her right after Christmas.

I'm not gonna lie, my first class was awful! I had to speed walk with a 50 pound keg, then jump rope for a minute, and finish with 15 burpees and jump up on a tractor tire. This whole workout was done as fast as possible and as many times as possible over and over for 12 minutes, the workouts that are timed like that and performed in a cycle like that are called AMRAPs (As Many Rounds As Possible).

Even now whenever I see AMRAP written on the whiteboard I'm ready to die. 

That first workout was really rough for me. Even though I'm still new to the program, it definitely has gotten easier. I feel healthier. I can feel the improvement every day that I go. It never gets easier to motivate myself to go into the gym when I'm expecting pain like that for an hour, but afterwards it is so worth it.

For the people considering checking CrossFit out, do it! For the people that are too afraid but have thought about or may be considering it after reading this blog, go for it! 

You owe it to yourself to be in shape and healthy. Of course, it takes work and you will have to step out of your comfort zone for it. Here's a video clip explaining CrossFit for anyone who may be curious.

Crossfit is a life changer, it benefits millions of people every day and is so rewarding. The environment is so positive and there is only friendly competition unless you are out to be a pro and your truly competing. 

For more information check out the link to the website of my gym. See for yourself how incredible it can be.

--By Hailey Weaver, LS News reporter

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