The Life of a Busy Student

Like so many Lampeter-Strasburg students, freshman Arylissa Diaz is busy. She is on a competitive cheer team at Spooky Nook and in the spring musical, High School Musical while still managing her studies. In this installment of In My Own Words, Diaz talks about how busy she is. This story is not unique to Diaz. It could be about many L-S students.

My day starts out with a 5:30 am wake-up call. I then go to the bus stop for a 6:50 pickup, and I am at school by 7:25. 

After a long school day with four 80 minute classes but only a 30 minute lunch break, I  either go to school cheer practice or musical rehearsal. With the musical this week, practice has been going until 9 pm. 
With the musical opening on Thursday, rehearsals have been going late into the evening.
I usually eat in the car. Depending on the day I either zoom to Nook cheer practice, dance, or youth group. These activities also often go until 9 pm so I usually get home around 9:30-10 pm. 

I then have to do homework. I am fortunate enough to have teachers who do not assign much. By the time I am done and get ready for bed I am usually asleep by 11-12. Six hours later, its time to do it all over again.
Diaz practicing with her Spooky Nook cheer team, Spook All-Stars.
I also have weekend commitments but not as many. Although next weekend I'll be at school almost around the clock with four performances of High School Musical

My family has been in the process of moving. Not to mention my family has taken in two of my cousins, who are toddlers, for a while so I help with them.

My younger brother does just as many activities as I do. I do not know how my parents do it, but they always make sure we get where we need to go. They are always on top of everything. Sometimes I think they are super parents!

Although my schedule is quite tight and hectic, I love what I do. Somehow I always find a way to balance everything and figure out a way to make it all work. 

I love my family. They are my biggest supporters. I appreciate them so much!

--By Arylissa Diaz, LS News reporter

In My Own Words is a first person written series that highlights Lampeter-Strasburg High School students activities.

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