Students earn community service hours at Catholic Heart Work Camp

Community service is an important part of the Lampeter-Strasburg High School experience. So important that it's a graduation requirement. Every L-sS student needs 30 hours of it.
Freshmen Abby Nagle completed most of hers this summer at Catholic Heart Work Camp. The camp is for people who like to do community service. In fact, CHWC is held all over the country. Nagle, her sister Molly, and several friends attended the one in Virginia Beach.

"Once we got there, we assembled with a large group of people from different states. The group of adults running CHWC split us all up into groups of about six to eight. Once I got into my group, I met many people from Connecticut and Illinois." said Nagle.
Angel at the Virginia Beach Food Bank
Nagle's group was assigned to work at the Virginia Beach Food Bank for the next four days. On the first day, the group traveled by bus to their destination.

"There we meet a guy named Angel." said Nagle. "He showed us how to identify what food is good and what food we need to get rid of. We looked at expiration dates and damaged packages. There were so many food items inside waiting to be packed away."
Work at the food bank involved sorting the mixed carts full of food into organized carts with one type of food. Once the cart was full, the cart was moved into storage after being weighed. From there, pieces would be pulled from the carts to make meals after double-checking expiration dates.

Nagle put in seven hour days each day. By the end of the week, Nagle and company had sorted 19,392 pounds of food! That's enough to food to create 16,160 meals. When Nagle wasn't sorting food, she found time to pack an additional 875 meals.
If you are interested in helping this summer at CHWC, click here for more information.

--By Abby Nagle, LS News reporter

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