L-S Guard definitely does more than 'The Bare Minimum'

"Performing their 2017 program, 'She's Imperfect,' Tournament Indoor Association is proud to present Lampeter-Strasburg High School."

At Penncrest High School, it was common to hear this phrase (minus the L-S High School and show name part) about every ten minutes. Saturday, February 11 was competition day for a lot of color guards and even some percussion groups.
From left to right: Allie Musser, Erin Kuntz, Kayla Pugliese, Hannah Westerman, and Maddie Swope.
Guard is a huge commitment requiring month of of practice both at home and school as often as possible.

It's stressful too. The team has the bare minimum of girls to compete (five) in the Tournament Indoor Association. Because of that the girls have to always be mindful of their grades and careful to not become sick so that the entire team can still compete.

At awards, the L-S guard scored a 55.3 out of 100, which is an acceptable score due to it being the first competition of the season. Guards score lower in the beginning of their season and by the end of the season score reasonably higher than their beginning score.

The next guard competition is at Lower Dauphin on February 25. Food (including ice cream) and memorabilia (shirts, necklaces, etc.) will be provided.

Anyone interested in joining color guard for the outdoor season should contact Hannah Westerman.

--By Hannah Westerman, LS News reporter

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