DIY: How to do the backhand X-Step in Disc Golf

Luke Brodersen is a sponsored disco golf player. In this special to LS News, Brodersen teaches readers how to throw a backhand x-step.

The X-Step is a style of throwing that can generate a lot of power and distance if executed correctly. In this guide I will show you the steps of how to do this.
Due to the length of my throw I usually start a little bit off of this size tee pad, but according to your style and tee pad it may differ.

The first step is to step onto the tee pad and bring your back leg up behind your planted leg.

Next, you will want to take your back leg and step, getting ready to transfer your weight onto this leg.

After that, bring your previously planted foot up and behind your newly planted leg. While doing this you want to start turning your back away from your target.

Now you will plant you leg again and focus on reaching your arm back as far as you can, this will generate the most power and spin in your throw. Your body weight should be mostly over planted leg.

At this point you want to transfer all your body weight onto your front leg while pulling the disc across your chest.

You will now lift your back leg and release the disc when it is facing your target. Lifting your back leg allows you to spin on your heel to avoid injury.

Make sure to keep spinning so that you do not cause injuries from things not moving freely. This part of the throw is known as the follow through.

I hope that you found this guide helpful, comment if you would like to see other disc golf tutorials!

--By Luke Brodersen, LS News reporter

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