Guidance offers support groups for students

When you get injured, it is easy to see. Crutches, braces, or a cast make it plainly visible. This visible injury automatically invites sympathy and support. Recovery is usually as straightforward simply requiring time and possibly physical therapy.   

But what happens when the pain is in your mind? These less obvious pains do not typically receive the same level of sympathy and support as a physical injury making the healing process more difficult.

Many of today's youth struggle with adult problems such as anxiety, stress, grief, and loss. To combat this the guidance office is currently forming student support groups.

Support groups bring together students facing similar issues in order to share experiences and learn new skills. These groups will meet during flex over the course of several weeks. 

Current topics are Grief & Loss and Managing Anxiety & Stress. Students are encouraged to stop by the guidance office to learn more about these opportunities.

If you know a student who you believe could benefit from these topics, please contact Mrs. Claudine Hart with who you wish to refer. Hart will make sure s/he receives the details and a permission slip for participation.

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