Food truck visit's high school FCS classes

Today 2007 Lampeter-Strasburg graduate, Matt Marafioti, visited the high school as a guest speaker in Mrs. Cathy Lynch's family and consumer science courses. As an added bonus, he drove his food truck.
Marafioti is the proud owner of Mara-Leo’s Italian food truck.

Nationally, owning a food truck is a popular trend. In fact, new food trucks are regularly popping up all over Lancaster County. As exciting as the lifestyle appears, it's a lot of hard work. However, for Marafioti its a labor of love.

He talked to the tenth graders about how he got started as a food truck driver, what he does, and all the work it takes to complete the licensing to operate a food truck.

One of Lynch's student's James McMichael enjoyed a meatball sub, saying, "It was awesome."

To find out where you can try some of Marafioti's traditional homemade Italian favorites, visit his Facebook page.

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