Girls' tennis defeats Cocalico 5-2

On the last day of August, the girls' tennis team came to the courts prepared to bring home another win over Cocalico. However, 30 minutes into the match, both teams were unexpectedly met with a downpour of rain. But dreary weather and a long postponement did nothing to kill the determination to succeed: On a hot Wednesday exactly one week later, the girls beat Cocalico 5-2.
Left to right: Rachel Marcroft and Julia Breneman
Doubles wins included the pairs of Sarah Capoferri & Izzy Mazaheri and Rachel Marcroft & Julia Breneman. Even though the lineup was slightly mixed up due to the odd situation with the postponement, both duos won 8-2.

As always, Sarah Capoferri delivered stunning serves and powerful hits in order to win both sets 6-0. Larson Kessler's skillful techniques also enabled her to win both of her sets 6-2.

The final match of the day belonged to Lauren Rettew. After winning her first set and losing her second, she and her opponent faced each other in a tiebreak. Lauren's perseverance combined with her fellow teammates' motivational cheering helped her to win 11-9 and contribute to the overall win.

The girls are embracing this awesome win and is hoping for another in their next match.

--Samantha Tran, LS News Reporter
Edited: AZ

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