Fair Queen Preview: Megan Mellinger

Megan Mellinger
Name: Megan Mellinger
Club: FFA
Escort: Kyle Spotts

As reporter for the FFA, Megan Mellinger certainly understands what being fair queen entails. Ever since her kindergarten years, Mellinger has been enjoying the fair and its activities. She’s worked there, she’s entered animals in competitions there, and she’s relaxed with her friends there.

Since kindergarten, Megan has been attending the fair, which makes this her twelfth year. She’s been going for as long as she can remember. And she has plenty of good memories made there. In elementary school, Megan specifically remembers going to see her rabbit that she had entered.

Now, she works at the FFA food stand and walks around with her friends in between showing animals. Friends always showed dairy, beef, and sheep on Friday nights, and Megan “ma[de] sure [she] was there”. And afterwards, the group celebrated with pizza.

Growing up on her parents’ farm, Megan Mellinger has a strong familiarity with the fair and farming in general. The FFA’s past officers nominated her for the fair queen position, and she happily accepted. In her free time, Megan loves working on the family farm, demonstrating her knowledge and enjoyment of the craft, and she also volunteers over the summer at Meals on Wheels. Megan also keeps busy with church and youth group at Refton Dove.

According to Megan, a fair queen “should know what our fair stands for and why it sets apart from the other fairs, what makes it special”. She's seen previous competitions and thought that it was only about answering questions on stage and giving a speech, but then she realized that there was more to it. 

Mellinger hopes to break out of her comfort zone while in the contest and to improve her public speaking. As for any final thoughts, Megan Mellinger said, “[I’m] not totally sure what I’m hoping to get out of this. I just hope that when it’s all over, I will have learned something from it.”

--Lillian Murr, LS News Editor-in-Chief
Edited: AZ

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