Back to school means fair season for Garden Spot FFA

Fall is a busy time for everyone. It means back-to-school and football. For the Lampeter-Strasburg Garden Spot FFA, it means the Lampeter Fair is just around the corner and that makes life a little bit hectic.
Connor Ranck flipping burgers for the FFA.
 Many of the students in FFA have animals and exhibits to prepare for the fair. Those with animals take a good part of the year (6-9 months) to raise their chosen animals the students have to fit the animal into a weight class as well as train it to walk with them.

The first FFA meeting of the 2016-2017 school year  took place during the second week of school.  and sign-ups for the FFA food stand are just about filled up.

Most of the fall activities center on the fair. FFA helps with the set-up, clean-up and takes a field trip to the fair on Thursday, September 29.

L-S FFA students compete with the surrounding chapters doing judging contests and other activities such as a tug of war. The ag classes go down on Friday and compete with Penn Manor’s FFA chapter.
Greenhand members gather to learn more about the FFA.
In October, the FFA hold a Greenhand night to welcome any first year members. Greenhand night is designed for new members to learn more about the FFA and to get to know more about each other.

The FFA has a community service project coming up as well as the annual fruit sale.

While many clubs start the year slow, the Garden Spot FFA is already in full swing.

--Megan Mellinger, LS News Guest Writer and FFA Reporter
Edited: AZ

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