Township edges L-S to win third straight league crown

Two minutes into the game, Manheim Township’s Grayson Sallade had already scored. To say that tension was in the air is an understatement. Going into this game, Township was riding the number one spot in the L-L League, and L-S was close behind. Township has won the League Championship for the past three years, and our boys put up quite a fight.
It took a team effort from the Pioneers Thursday night

The first quarter was slow, but towards the end, a shot from L-S rebounded off of the goalie’s stick where it was turned into the Pioneers’ first point of the game from an assist by Tyler Zameroski to Trevor King. With the score 4-1, it seemed that they boys had finally gotten the ball rolling. One shot from L-S seemed to have gone over the goal line, but the refs took no advice from the ever so enthusiastic lacrosse moms and no goal was awarded. But soon a bad pass from Township lead to an unassisted goal for Sophomore Patrick McClain.

When the boys came onto the field after half time, the whole crowd changed. Teddy Mazaheri won almost every face-off during the second half. After two more goals (Alex Knarr and Nate Patterson), the scored stood at 10-5; Township averages only 5 points given up per game. 
Teddy Mazaheri won almost every faceoff in the second half, giving L-S's offense some much-needed momentum
Into the fourth quarter, Township really struggled to get their offense back on track. The L-S defense never blinked. The boys ended the night with three goals: from Knarr, Mazaheri, and Patterson and a defeating tackle from Darren Metz ... it was almost as if he had forgotten this was lacrosse and not football.

14-8 seems like a loss, but to onlooking fans -- especially the players' moms -- it didn't matter. Every one of them stood up to clap as their sons endured the screams and cheers coming from the opposite side of the field. These boys don’t just play this sport just to win; it's about a lot more than that.

That said, winning is a priority, and the Pioneers' attention now turns to the district playoffs, which begin next Tuesday evening.

--Taylor Griffin, Guest Reporter; Photos by Payton King, Staff Photographer

Edited: BP

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