Spritzing skies can't rain on Prom parade

It truly was a night to remember.

Saturday night, the Eden hosted Lampeter-Strasburg High School’s junior and senior prom. Although the skies were spritzing, everyone had high spirits.

Some seniors symbolically "waved goodbye to high school" with this as their final big event 
Often, students feel pressured to have a date to go to the Prom, but L-S is unique in that not having a date is as good as having one. There were quite a few girls going stag and proud of it. For seniors especially, prom is about coming together. A date isn’t necessary to kill it on the dance floor.

As far as the actual Prom goes, it was a fairly typical evening aside from the rain. In an effort to not ruin hairdos and rented tuxes, students had to be creative with pictures, opting for indoor photo locations, including greenhouses, barns, and museums.

As usual, several photographers also took pictures while students filed into the venue.

The theme this year was ‘Yule Ball’, which is similar to the Prom-like event from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Ferrero Rocher chocolates, cleverly disguised as golden snitches, were handed out as place cards. As students found their tables and socialized, servers offered hors d'oeuvres, the favorite, as usual, being the fried mac and cheese bites. Some students tried to sneak dessert early, but Eden staff unfortunately stopped them.

After the meal, several girls expressed concern that their dresses would tear due to all the food that they consumed. This notion was quickly forgotten as the tables were pushed aside and the DJ turned up the music.

It was instantly obvious that this year's disc jockey had talent. He effectively beat matched between songs and creatively blended bridges of different songs into the music. The ultimate song of the evening was Footloose, a crowd favorite from last year.

Around 9:15 the DJ also announced the Prom King and Queen as Connor Brown and Elke Arnesen respectively. Both winners were well received and definitely deserve the title.
Herr Breitkreutz gave post-prom inflatables two thumbs up
"It's mostly an America thing," he told us ...
no inflatables in Germany

After the dance, a lot of students left for Post Prom at the High School to get Starbucks coffee, play rounds of laser tag, and watch failed attempts on the Big Baller, an inflatable version of the Big Balls from Wipeout. Arguably more entertaining than watching the flopping failures on the inflatable was watching Mrs. McCanna's cackling reactions.

Right now, social media sites are swamped with Prom pictures. It will fade soon, but this year’s seniors aren’t going to forget how much fun they had for a long time.

--Alyssa Van Lenten, LSNews.org Local Editor

Edited: BP

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