Editorial: Trump Nation

Unfortunately, we need to talk about Trump again. The results of Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary have me very concerned for the future of this country. Almost 57% of Pennsylvania’s Republican primary voters voted for a man who has advocated for war crimes. Let’s be clear. Trump will not be president. He probably doesn’t stand a chance against Clinton in the general election. To be fair, however, we didn’t think he had a chance of winning the nomination either. More concerning is that so many Americans have given this demagogue their support.

Donald J. Trump is appealing to the fears of the American people and it’s working. For some time now it looked as if the Republican party was heading for a brokered convention which would surely elect a more establishment and sane candidate. However, after Super Tuesday 3, Trump needs only 241 more delegates to clinch the nomination. With 502 available delegates left, that is not impossible, especially considering the sweeping majorities he’s displayed thus far. Sensible Republicans should be very worried right now.

And I can’t imagine how frustrated most Republicans must be right now. Hillary Clinton, one of the most disliked politicians in Washington, will be the Democratic nominee unless a miracle happens for Sen. Sanders. If the Republicans could nominate a real candidate who shows sensible, non-racist conservative values, they could take the presidency because many people look better than Clinton. It just so happens that Trump is not one of those people. Neither is Sen. Cruz. John Kasich is one of those people. I disagree with Kasich on some crucial issues, but that man appears an angel in comparison to his opponents. So for mere strategic reasons the Republican Party should be rallying behind Kasich, but instead the people want a grown child who encourages violence and has no chance of accomplishing anything in office for the simple reason that he doesn’t care enough to stick to any particular issue. Although, for that I’m grateful because whatever he would pass probably violates the Bill of Rights.

I’m not sure if Trump truly believes what he says, but we can’t afford to speculate. He has systematically encouraged racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia. He called for the legal punishment of women who have had abortions. I’m steadfastly pro-life, and I see that proposal as disgusting. He has proposed the targeting of ISIS members’ families. (Most don’t have families by the way so it won’t make a difference.) That’s a war crime, the concept of which didn’t even exist until WWII when certain demagogues showed similar intolerance of specific groups of people. This is the man many of our countrymen support.

Not all Trump supporters are as crazy as the man supported. Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” resonates with many voters. It’s a common and saddening idea that America has past its prime. When a bold strong man stands up against the establishment and pledges to change the country, people respond. But we must realize that there is an implication to Trump's slogan: “… Before All of Them Wrecked It”. As far as I’m concerned, America doesn’t stand for blaming anybody for our issues. That’s what children do on the playground. Blaming Muslims or Mexicans or liberals or China or gays isn’t going to end political corruption. It’s not going to pacify the Middle East. It won’t boost our economy. So stop fussing about who you think ruined your utopia. It’s a waste of valuable time better spent on fixing the world we have.

This editorial was written by opinion editor Aaron Davies and encapsulates the opinions of the majority of the LSNews.org editorial board. It does not constitute an official position of the Lampeter-Strasburg School District, nor the advisor of LSNews.org. Questions or concerns can be directed to lspioneernews@gmail.com.


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