Senior night victory propels boys lacrosse team forward

Thursday night was no ordinary game for the Lampeter-Strasburg boys lacrosse team. Under the lights at J.K. Mechanical Stadium, the Pioneers celebrated their seniors before the game on Senior night. Before the game, each of the seniors on this highly experienced team ambled across the field with his parents for recognition.
Seniors on the boys lacrosse team (from L): Nate Patterson, Chase Pirozzi, Jake Groff, Alex Knarr, Paul Hauser, Jared Peck, Jared Thomas, Marco Pettica, Trevor King, Teddy Mazaheri, Darren Metz, Jake Klecko, Kyle Metz, Logan Miller, Jeremy Smucker
Every senior class leaves a legacy, but it seems fair to say that this group of 15 leaves an impression on the burgeoning L-S lacrosse program that will stand the test of time. Nevertheless, there was a game to play.

Unlike most games, the team’s offense started off slowly. At the opening faceoff, L-S lost possession of the ball, and Elizabethtown managed to weave in and out of the Pioneers' defense. L-S blocked and knocked the ball loose, but Elizabethtown found a hole in the defense and scored. The Pioneers then took possession, but there was no goal. Both teams worked furiously, but for the time being, there was no score. After an L-S timeout, E-town passed furiously around the goal, but goalie Marco Peticca, snagged the ball, clearing it up the field. Out of nowhere, however, E-town regained control and scored. 

The second quarter started much like the first, but L-S’s Gaige Barber kept up with the sprinting E-Town player, who altered a shot, possibly preventing a goal. The Pioneers' offense finally kicked in gear, passing rapidly up the field. Stolen off a shot, E-town went to pass the ball, but Nate Patterson had other ideas. Patterson pressured the ball ultimately gaining control and passed to Trevor King, who claimed L-S’s first goal. A similar play happened mere minutes afterwards, King scored off a pass from Patterson. Another timeout gave L-S time to refine their strategy and Alex Knarr, assisted by Teddy Mazaheri, scored. E-town grabbed the ball at face-off and scored, but that didn’t stop Tyler Zameroski. He passed the ball to Noah Patterson who finished the half with a goal for L-S.

The second half began with Mazaheri weaving through E-town’s defense. He soon followed with a goal. The next play began with Mazaheri winning the ball again, but he passed around, the ball ending with Alex Knarr launching it into the goal. E-town tried to retaliate, but L-S defense didn’t let any through. Peticca had a beautiful save, clearing up the field to Mazaheri. Mazaheri took a beautiful shot but it was picked up by E-town, who promptly scored. Mazaheri took possession again, and scored another goal for L-S. 

Both teams scrambled to make a sustainable lead, but neither could hold on to possession. Suddenly, E-town charged goal, losing possession to L-S. Mazaheri passed the ball to King claiming another L-S goal. In almost the same fashion, L-S scored again, King assisted by Mazaheri. Tensions were high in the stands as parents, students, and lacrosse fans alike shouted their opinions as L-S skirted around the goal. Finally, Knarr put the ball to the back of the net. Mazaheri and Noah Patterson followed the play with a goal each. E-town finished the game with a goal in the last seconds of the game, but it was too late. 

L-S beat Elizabethtown 12-6.

--Ivy McComsey, Boys Lacrosse Reporter

Edited: BP

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