Scholars in the Spotlight: Mile splits, measuring cups, and math!

Math is a mindset. No one demonstrates that more than Alyssa Cunningham.

She likes taking challenging math courses at school.

Alyssa Cunningham was named the Burrowes Scholar
for math and family consumer sciences
She likes passing the mile marker in her 5K Cross Country race and calculating her mile splits in her head.

And she even likes measuring out the ingredients for a new recipe she is concocting.

And so, it is no surprise that Cunningham was named the Math Burrowes Scholar this year.

However, that was not the only subject for which she was recognized. In addition, Cunningham will be recognized for the Family and Consumer Sciences at the Burrowes Scholar Banquet on May 5.

“I was really surprised,” says Cunningham when asked about the FCS award.

Although cooking is among one of Cunningham’s hobbies, much of coursework at school is spent in the math and science areas, her favorites.

Cunningham is a three-time Burrowes Scholar recipient and was previously recognized for math in eighth grade.

"I’m very left-brained, the logic behind math comes easily to me," she says.
Alyssa Cunningham with her sister, Class of 2015
graduate Aja, and a gingerbread house

Her love for math is apparent when looking at her resume. She has taken Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and is currently enrolled in AP Calculus, which she notes has been her favorite.

“The enthusiasm he [Mr. Achille] brings to math really makes it enjoyable for his students!” she says.

On top of this, Alyssa plans to take AP Statistics and AP Calculus BC next year if everything falls into play. That is certainly a lot of math!

Mr. John Achille praised Alyssa saying, “When I think of Alyssa, I think perfection. Her drive to succeed is evident in class daily. With her confidence, initiative and focus, she challenges herself to gain more knowledge.”

Yet, Cunningham’s achievements go beyond math. She is also an active member of the community. She is in Fellowship of Christian Students, Student Council, Interact, Aevidum, and National Honor Society. Her course load this year is quite full consisting of AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, and Grammar. With the AP tests just around the corner, Cunningham certainly has a busy schedule. However, she chimed in that after the Advanced Placement tests are over, her next project will be making homemade ravioli. See, the Math and Family and Consumer Science Awards do go together!

After high school, Alyssa is still deciding what she would like to study, but she is definitely planning to attend college. At the top of her class, it is only logical that Cunningham will succeed in whatever she decides to pursue.

This is the seventh article in an series featuring each of the high school recipients of the Burrowes Scholar award, which is given to one student in each subject area who demonstrates academic excellence in that subject. For more articles, visit this page. The series is coordinated by senior staff writer Mackenzie Miller, a three-time Burrowes Scholar herself.

--Mackenzie Miller, Senior Staff Writer

Edited: BP

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