Mr. Pioneer preview: Ben Rhoades to interact with community, a common activity

Ben Rhoades is a candidate looking forward to bringing lots of energy to Saturday Night’s Mr. Pioneer competition. Being one of two senior gentlemen in the Pioneer Interact club, Rhoades took the initiative to compete; after all, he is the president. Some of his other presidential duties besides Mr. Pioneer include organizing events for the club, which boasts more than 300 members, and giving back to the community.
Ben Rhoades will represent Interact in the
Mr. Pioneer competition

Rhoades was part of the group that recently went to the Dominican Republic, and called it "a life changing experience".

"It is so eye opening and makes me think twice about what I have now," he says.

Along with being the President of Interact, Ben is treasurer of the Ski and Snowboard Club, a member of NHS, a High School Hero, and a member of the varsity baseball team. He is a huge Phillies fan and has been playing baseball since he could hold a bat in his hands. His love of the sport taught him the values he has today. Very close with his teammates, he knows he can count on them for support.

Rhoades thinks that Mr. Pioneer should be someone who is constantly giving back to the community. He is glad to be one of the ten possible Mr. Pioneers.

"Everyone here volunteered to do this, so that makes us all good candidates. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to having fun with them this Saturday night," he explains.

Ben definitely recommends coming out to see the show, because not only is for a good cause, he foretells of some surprises the contestants bring to the stage.

--Kate Schultheis, Reporter

Edited: BP

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