Mauling McDevitt: L-S boys lacrosse notches a big victory

Photo highlights from from the game
by LS News photographer Ivy Mccomsey.
March 30 marked another win for the L-S boys lacrosse team; the Pioneers beat Bishop McDevitt 12-8. The Pioneers opened the game with a two point lead within two minutes. Alex Knarr tied down the first goal with an assist from Teddy Mazaheri. Mazaheri scored immediately thereafter.

McDevitt did not take long to respond, though, and claimed the ball to score two for themselves tying the game 2-2. Knarr whipped the ball into the upper right corner to secure the lead by one. Meanwhile, goalie Marco Pettica redeemed himself with a strong save and clear only to be backed up with an interception from defender Chase Pirozzi. The Patterson brothers -- Nate and Noah -- then tied down a fourth goal for L-S.
Strong goal play from Marco Pettica helped pace the Pioneers to victory

Pettica continued a strong game even as Trevor King was sent out and the Pioneers played a man down … no problem, apparently: L-S retaliates and scores two more goals with Patrick McClain and Tyler Zameroski each scoring and assisting each other. Bishop McDevitt snuck the ball into the Pioneers' goal, but Nate Patterson fought back with another goal for L-S near the end of the half.
Patrick McClain passes the ball to a teammate

At the start of the game the Pioneers led 7-3 and the Crusaders took their chance. After King scores one for L-S, Bishop McDevitt scored three goals. Later in the quarter, aided by a fallen goalie for L-S, McDevitt notched its seventh goal, which cut the deficit to one. Nate Patterson scored at the end of the quarter to bring the Pioneers to a two-point lead.

L-S scored twice more while Bishop McDevitt scores once more. With 32 seconds left in the game, Nate Patterson intercepted the ball and passed to Zameroski  for a goal, bringing the final score to L-S 12, Bishop McDevitt 8, and keeping the team's undefeated streak alive.

--Ivy McComsey, Boys Lacrosse Reporter; Photos by Lauren Mast, Director of Sports Photography

Edited: BP

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