Contagious hitting, dominant pitching pace Pioneers to softball victory in season opener

Eager to kick off their season, the softball team dominated Thursday’s home opener against Conestoga Valley, securing a 12-0 victory after five innings of play.
The Pioneers sent their ace to the hill, senior Jordan Weaver ... she did not disappoint
Defensively, little work had to be done by the Pioneers. Pitcher Jordan Weaver used her speed to virtually silence CV’s attempts to keep up with the Pioneers' bats. Allowing one hit in the top of the fifth, Weaver had an abundance of strikeouts.
"We came together as a unit and really stepped up our game at the plate and in the field," says Weaver. "We were focused all throughout the game."
Natalie Carson makes contact with the ball
The Pioneers' bats quickly came alive in the bottom of the first with Hanna Garber’s inside-the-park homerun. Overall, the team showed contagious hitting with solid swings from every player on the roster. Caroline Braungard and Garber highlighted the offensive attack by both going three-for-three on the day.
With a steady lead throughout the game, the team focused on relaxing and letting what they have practiced play out on the field. Players like Kylie Weaver enjoyed having some pressure relieved from the first game of the season.
"What a fun game!" she exclaims.
The Pioneers hope for another victory on Monday as they head to Warwick to take on the Warriors.

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--Robin Feaster, Softball Reporter; Photos by Lauren Mast, Director of Sports Photography

Edited: BP

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