Boys tennis team shuts out Northern Lebanon

The boys tennis team defeated Northern Lebanon in a 7-0 sweep at home today. 

Although the score seems lopsided, it was the result of hard work from every player. 

Before the match, the ever hopeful Matt Paich encouraged the team to “make money, get money, and get paid”. Matt O’Neil likewise lightened the spirits of the team with heartfelt banter such as “I don’t know what a ten is, but I know what tennis”.  
Team captain Tyler Thomas powered the
tennis team to victory today
With encouragement like that, how could anything go wrong?

As it turns out, nothing did.

Singles wins came from #1 spot and team captain Tyler Thomas as well as Evan Winters, Greg Mowrer, and Evan King. 

In doubles, the pairs of Tyler Thomas and Evan Winters, Evan King and Matt Paich, and Tyler Thorius and Matt O’Neil all brought home some well-earned victories.

With the win, the team advances to 3-1 (1-1 in league play).

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--Max Nguyen, Tennis Reporter; Photos by Payton King, Sports Photographer

Edited: BP

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