Nevin Hoenninger's 31 points not enough to overcome Warwick

On December 9, 2015, the L-S girls varsity basketball team took on Warwick. With a strong presence from both teams, L-S and Warwick battled for the ball. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 17-15, with Warwick in the lead.
Nevin Hoenninger scored 31 points
for the Lady Pioneers, but it wasn't
enough to down the Warriors

The second quarter was as tough as the first. L-S put in a number of shots. Junior guard Nevin Hoennninger made two 3-point shots in the beginning of the quarter, followed by a 2-point shot by freshman guard Brittney Zameroski and another 3-point shot by sophomore forward Laura Horner. Warwick led by one point at the half, 29-28.

The L-S girls would not give up, and after half time, they continued to play a good game. The third quarter progressed much like the first two. Both teams had fouls made against them, and took their foul shots with ease. Hoenninger notched two more field goals, but at the end of the quarter, Warwick led 50-43.

The final quarter brought about fierce gameplay. Many of our players made good shots. Hoenninger and Horner both made 2 and 3 point shots. The game ended with a final score of 66-57. Warwick took home the victory largely due to its dominance at the free throw line (17 points compared to just 3 for L-S), but L-S has a good season in the making. With just one returning senior (reserve guard Rachel Shortes), it may take time for the team to gel, but when they do, they may just have something special.

--Lauren Mast, Girls Basketball Reporter

Edited: BP

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