Weekend Edition: 'To Confess or Not Confess' by Katelynn Gebhart

To Confess or Not Confess
By Katelynn Gebhart

If I said it out loud, would you have fear?
Is it me? Or does your eye wander far?
Could you not love, when I hold you so dear?
Or is your love behind a prison bar?
I fret and fuss, wearing holes in the floor
Ev’ry movement to analyze and watch
Awaiting the day, you knock on my door
With bated breath. Cupid’s bow left a notch
My love in silence growing, and I spent
Of pennies of hope I count off in pots
Too many flowers misshapen and bent
From counting off love me and love me not’s
I opt to be quiet, and not share,

Let fate decide if we will be a pair. 

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