Tag you're it. National Honor Society tags new members

New members of the Lampeter-Strasburg National Honors Society were announced this morning in the annual "tagging" event. As senior Robin Feaster read the names of new members, inductees were escorted from their homeroom by a current member to the cafeteria for a brief induction event.

New members from the senior class include Kristin Allen, Justin Burkett, Beth DiBiase, Caleb Gawne, George Grau, Ava Grillo, Jacob Groff, Chelsea Hancock, Kelly Harnish, Jacklyn Kirchner, Riley Lewis, Lauren Mast, Mackenzie Miller, Mary Pieters, Chase Pirozzi, Regan Smucker, and Ashley Zehr.

New members from the junior class include Colin Anderson, Kelly Armstrong, Delaney Baker, Gaige Barber, Joshua Beiler, Lauren Bliss, Alyssa Cunningham, Grant Davis, Jack Drummond, Nathaniel Ferrari, Isabel Gleason, McKenna Kimmel, Jasmine McClintock, Matthew Paich, Samantha Pletcher, Lianna Sauve, Samantha Tran, and Meredith Vesey.
NHS members were served pancakes after learning
of their induction
Current members of the NHS include Elke Arnesen, Emily Deardorff, Allyson Dull, Robin Feaster, Brianna Garber, Samantha Ingram, Jarrod Lloyd, Benjamin Pontz, Jessica Reynolds, Ben Rhoades, Taylor Skrondinsky, Tyler Thomas, Alyssa VanLenten, Samuel Welk, and Chaz Wolf.

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