Pioneers edge Garden Spot 1-0 in boys soccer

L-S faced Garden Spot on October 5, 2015. Evenly matched, both teams began the game with a steady pace. Taking the ball up the outside, Jordan Sweigart took a shot on goal for L-S. Garden Spot fought back, and proved to be an equal in skill and tenacity. Logan Heister  followed Sweigart’s example, and made another shot a minute later. Garden Spot took the ball into our defensive third and took a shot at varsity goalie Jake Klecko, who made the save as if it were effortless. 
Peyton Denlinger played soccer ... and
then played football a few hours later

Klecko punted the ball back into the midfield, where L-S and Garden Spot fought for the ball. Passing the ball up to Steven Hollern, he took a shot 25 minutes into the half, only for it to be saved by the Garden Spot goalie. The Garden Spot goalie served the ball back out onto the field. Matt O’Neil collected the ball and made a shot from outside the 18 yard line. Continuing the trend, Steven Hollern made his second shot of the game with 10 minutes remaining in the half. With seven minutes left, Alex Knarr, Derek Eckman and Logan Heister all made shots on goal. Eckman kicked a beautiful cross to Heister in the last minute. The first half ended with no goals for either team. 

The second half began with the same steady struggle between both teams. Within the first minute, Peyton Denlinger had taken the ball to net, getting off a shot. 5 minutes in, Logan Heister made a beautiful cross to Alex Knarr, who took the ball into the 18 and scored the first goal for L-S. Garden Spot used the middle of the field to take the ball into our defensive third, but our defense worked together to clear the ball. 9 minutes into the second half, Jordan Bishop received a cross from Logan Heister and made a shot. The Garden Spot goalie saved the ball. 

10 minutes later, the Garden Spot made a save, only to end up outside the goalie box. The referee called a handball on the goalie, awarding L-S an indirect kick. Matt O’Neil took the kick, sending it on the ground to Peyton Denlinger who turned and shot straight at the goal. Unfortunately, the goalie caught the ball. Peyton made another shot 3 minutes later, followed by Steven Hollern with yet another shot on Garden Spot’s goalie. 
Matt O'Neil jockeys for position

At the 31 minute mark, Matt O’Neil made a shot towards the goal, and the Garden Spot goalie ran out to receive the ball. Nate Patterson followed the ball towards the goal until the goalie picked it up. Within the next minute, Logan Heister crossed the ball in front of the goal, straight to Alex Knarr who headed the ball towards the net. The Garden Spot goalie intercepted the ball before it could go into the net. 

With 6 minutes left in the half, Garden Spot took the ball towards our goal, getting past our defense and shooting the ball. Jake Klecko had an excellent save, quickly dishing the ball back out onto the field. Knarr took another shot with 3 minutes left. Klecko with another save in the last minute, and Heister took the last shot of the game. A good game came to a satisfying resolution with a final score of 1-0 L-S.

Editor's Note: Additional photos are available in a Google Photos album.

--Lauren Mast, Soccer Reporter

Edited: BP

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