Girls soccer team battles for a win, but falls short against Cocalico

On a damp and rainy Thursday afternoon, the girls' soccer team desperately sought a win against Cocalico. It showed as soon as the game started; in the first two minutes, Kristen Worry passed a perfect ball to Ryleigh Lefever. Lefever took the shot and made it in, tipping off the fingers of the Cocalico goalkeeper. Cocalico came back in the 20th minute with a left footed shot by forward, Emily Zwiercan. With only a couple minutes left in the first half the Lady Eagles shot a tiebreaking goal.

The second half had begun and you could feel the intensity in the moist air. Eleven minutes into it Cocalico's Rowan Lapi almost got a breakaway from a headed pass to her feet. Defender Julia Myers was no going to let her dribble any further into the box, so she slide tackled Lapi. It looked like a legal tackle, but got called. 

Pioneer coach, Aaron Strous, disagreed with the call, which lead to the referee pulling out a yellow card. Lapi and goalkeeper, Bella DiCamillo, had a few minutes anticipation before the whistle was blown. The sound of the whistle went off and Lapi kicked it to the left corner and DiCamillo dove, but did not meet the ball in time.

The Pioneers were still in it with less than 30 minutes in the game. There was lots of back and forth play. In the 66th minute L-S's Maddie Stabinger was there to finish a shot deflected by the keeper. With less than 15 minutes left in the game, Cocalico battled to keep the score 3-2, while L-S was pushing to put in another goal and at the least, tie the game up. When the last whistle was blown the final score was still 3-2. Although the Pioneers lost, this was one of their better games and you could see they wanted the win. Hopefully they carry this need to win into upcoming games.

Video courtesy of GameTimePA. Staff Report

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