Field hockey team defeats Solanco to close season

On Wednesday, October 14, the Lampeter Strasburg high school field hockey team played Solanco. Having beaten Solanco earlier in the season, the team was confident it could emerge victorious in its final home game. L-S did their usual warmup and then ran over to talk to their coaches about the starting lineup. Then they did a cheer and ran onto the field.
Samantha Pletcher plays defense against a
Solanco player
Photo submitted through Twitter
L-S started strong. They spent most of the half in Solanco’s defensive circle. They played well and had some nice passing combinations. Towards the end of the half L-S finally was able to put the ball into the back of the cage. At halftime, Coach Katrina Swarr was happy with her team. She complimented them and she gave them a few things to work on during the second half. She also told them she wanted them to score again so that they were ahead by more than one goal. Then the L-S field hockey team did a cheer and ran back onto the field. 
During the second half L-S dominated like they did during the first half. They fought hard to get a second goal, which they did about ten minutes into the half. L-S fought hard for the rest of the half to score another goal. Although they did not score again, they were still able to beat Solanco. The final score was 2-0 and it was a good win for L-S.
--Makayla Malcolm, Field Hockey Reporter
Edited: BP

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