E-Town fails to finish, Pioneers score 28 unanswered points to win 35-27

If you're looking for the name of the next roller coaster at Hersheypark, it may well be the L-S Pioneers football team. To sum up the game, L-S scored on the second play of the game, then Elizabethtown scored 27 unanswered points, only to turn around and allow LS to score 28 unanswered points, and leading to a 35-27 LS victory.

First, the one player who made it all possible, Bear Shank. One night after being crowned Homecoming King, Shank not only threw two touchdowns, but also led the offense back into the game and capped it off by forcing a fumble and returning it for a TD to put LS up 35-27. He played just about every snap in the game, and made the best of his time on the field. He certainly earned the title of QB and team captain in tonight's game.
L-S defeated E-Town 35-27 last night

The game was also quite the special teams fiasco. E-Town was called for roughing the kicker twice and 12 men on the field once during L-S extra points. Peyton Denlinger sent one kick out of bounds early and Bear shanked two punts (no pun intended), all giving the Bears good field position. The most important special teams play however was when L-S blocked an E-Town extra point, complicating the Bears' comeback attempt late in the game.

For all of the errors on special teams, L-S made up for it with stellar fourth quarter defense. Seemingly rejuvenated by an offense that could move the ball, the Pioneers defense pumped up the crowd in the fourth quarter to come up with key stops. One E-Town false start in the 4th quarter can even be credited to a loud Pioneer crowd. This clutch defensive play was an instrumental piece of the Pioneers win.

Overall, it was a very good win for the Pioneers. It looked very ugly and concerning at times, but showing such fire and fight easily tops the Pioneers mid game slump. Since some key names were left out above, here is a complete summary of LS touchdowns, turnovers, and sacks:

1) Jordan Boyton: Interception
2) Shane Lawler: 68 yd TD run
3) Andrew Hay: 39 yd TD reception
4) Chad Gaudino: 7 yd TD run and 23 yd TD reception
5) Dan Reidenbaugh: sack
6) Bear Shank: 2 passing TD, forced fumble, fumble recovery TD

The Pioneers square off against the Barons of Manheim Central next week in Manheim, and will look to improve 5-2.
Editor's Note: Coverage of the Homecoming Queen coronation is forthcoming in a separate article. We thank you for your patience.

--Kevin Reed, LSNews.org Football Reporter

Edited: BP

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