Argentinian Augustina Mansur Audaciously Enters a New Land

From the beautiful skylines of big city Sante Fe, Argentina to the green landscapes of small town Lancaster, Pennsylvania, foreign exchange student Augustina Mansur has recently undergone a major change in scenery – and as it turns out, she loves the grassy countryside.
Augustina Mansur joins the L-S community from Argentina

Back in Sante Fe, Mansur lives with a sister and a brother, her triplet siblings. The three seventeen-year-olds reside with their mother and attend school together. But in contrast, the education system of Augustina’s previous school compares particularly with that of her new academic site, Lampeter-Strasburg High.

“They give more homework at this school, but we can’t choose our subjects in Argentina,” Mansur illustrates. “Exams are different, too; they’re much less difficult here, less complex.”

While Mansur admits biology is her most difficult class, linguistics have certainly proven to be her forte. This self-taught polyglot knows four different languages besides her native tongue, Spanish: she speaks English, Chinese, Dutch, and German, the last two of which, she states, are quite similar.

Aside from speaking in transcontinental dialects, Mansur delights in singing as well. She, along with fellow exchange student Mette Smaland (featured last week), joined the Lampeter-Strasburg High School Chorus as an extracurricular interest. Additionally, Mansur reveals that a few of her favorite American indulgences are and spaghetti and chicken.

Watch for this petite Argentinian in the halls of L-S this year, and remember to welcome her and each of the four foreign exchange students recently featured in L-S News to Lancaster County. These young ladies have a good deal yet to learn from their stays in the U.S. and so much to tell the local students about their unique home cultures.

--Jacky Kirchner, Features Editor

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