Hailey Rohrer anticipates a platform to promote her love for agriculture in the Fair Queen contest

Fair Queen Fast Facts

Name: Hailey Rohrer

Grade: 12th
Club: Do Something
Escort: Josh Mellinger
Favorite Fair Food: Vanilla Milk Shake
Favorite Fair Location: Art Building 
Hailey Rohrer will represent the
Do Something Club in the Fair Queen contest

As the end of the year rolls around, whether students like it or not, it is time to start thinking about the next school year. And what better to think about than the West Lampeter Fair. In the opinion of senior Hailey Rohrer, why not think about the Fair Queen Competition? While most students would cringe at the thought of public speaking, writing essays, and attending interviews, Rohrer is certainly the exception. She was quick to volunteer for the unique opportunity to represent her club, her faith, and her love for agriculture. 

“Why volunteer?” For Rohrer, this experience is not about the nerve-racking public speaking or tedious interviews. The West Lampeter Fair has been her second home for as long as she can remember and this competition is just another opportunity to be actively involved in the venerable institution's continued success.

Rohrer has attended the
Fair since a young age
Rohrer lives on her family farm where they have cows and dogs, but that is not the extent of her agricultural background. She is a former greased pig champion, a blue ribbon holder for her bunny, and an experienced art show winner. 

“It would be an honor to to represent [the community] and use [my] agricultural background to educate people,” she says in response to a question on what it would mean to be the Fair Queen. 

In addition to being an officer for Do Something Club, Rohrer is a member of the tennis team, Interact, Varsity Club, Stage Crew for the musical, and has previously played volleyball and participated in color guard. She is also an active member of her church and is working towards becoming a youth leader. Her future plans include becoming a marine biologist while studying in Florida. 
Rohrer is interested in becoming
a marine biologist

Rohrer's overall excitement as the day rolls near is obvious. Her one wish? That she is asked to describe the fair in three words ... short and sweet. With her positive attitude and commitment to agriculture, her club, and the West Lampeter fair, there is no doubt that she is a strong candidate to represent Lampeter-Strasburg and the Do Something Club. So watch out for Hailey Rohrer because nothing stands in her way! Not even a greasy pig or a smelly cow.

--Mackenzie Miller, LSNews.org Senior Features Reporter

Edited: BP

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