Field hockey team avenges loss from yesterday, dominates Lebanon

On Wednesday September 16, the L-S field hockey team played a game on their home field against Lebanon, whose team was so small that there was no junior varsity game.
Before the game started the L-S team huddled together for Coaches Katrina Swarr and Becky Middleton to share the game plan. The L-S girls did not think that Lebanon would be much of a challenge, but Swarr told her team not to underestimate the Cedars. She also said that she wanted to see a lot of switching the field, good passing combinations, and a corner in the first three minutes. Then the girls did their cheer, led by goalie Robin Feaster, and then ran onto the field. 
The field hockey team defeated Lebanon 6-0 today
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L-S began the game very fast and strong. They dominated and keep possession most of the time. Two minutes into the game they were able to get a corner. Although they did not score off of it, they were able to score three minutes later. Julia Pritchard was able to put the ball in the back of the cage with 25 minutes still left in the half. Later in the half, Madi Shreckengast was able to score a goal from a shot of the goalie’s pads, Laura Horner scored with a shot, and Josie Weaver scored by tipping the ball into the cage. Coach Swarr was very happy at halftime and the only thing she told them to work on is not being flat.
The team played just as well in the second half as they did in the first half. They were able to put the whole JV team in because they were doing so well. They even scored two more goals. Alexis Mongeau and Josie Weaver both scored in the second half. The final score was 6-0 and the L-S girls were very happy about the win.

--Makayla Malcolm, Field Hockey Reporter

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