Despite distractions, L-S edges Elizabethtown 4-3

When Elizabethtown first arrived at the tennis courts today, there was a sea of blue - and not just from the L-S girls. There was concern from many of the L-S teammates that it would be difficult to differentiate between the two teams, with such similar uniforms.
Sarah Capoferri once again worked with
her sister in doubles, and on her own in
singles to help power the Pioneers to victory
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Susan Rettew

During the beginning of the doubles matches, car alarms sounded in the parking lot, distracting everyone, except for the top doubles teams. The Capoferri sisters both demolished their match with incredibly strong hits. Although starting out strong, the second doubles team, consisting of Larson and Shirley Drot de Gourville, ended up losing their match. 

The third doubles team, Izzy Mazaheri and Lauren Rettew, lost their first games, but came back to win two games, ending in a loss overall during a tie breaker point. From the doubles matches, L-S only won one of the matches. The  scores in the beginning had the entire team and crowd nervous for each impending point.
Shirley Drot de Gourville narrowly lost
her singles match
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Susan Rettew

The singles began with a great start. Both of the top singles players for L-S and Elizabethtown are undefeated, further increasing the intensity of the match. Taylor Capoferri played a strong match, ending as another win for L-S, and her personal winning streak. Sarah Capoferri also easily won her singles sets, due to her powerful hits. The fourth singles added to the wins for L-S as Lauren Rettew demolished her opponent in an uncharacteristically quick match

The third singles, played by Shirley Drot de Gourville, created more of a struggle. Although Shirley fought a long fight, the Elizabethtown player won the first set. During the second set, the competition grew as Shirley won the set. The tie breaker was an intense battle for each point, but was ultimately won by Elizabethtown.

Ultimately, the wins for L-S were sufficient to top the E-town Bears, attaining another win for L-S at the close score of 4 to 3. The Pioneers’ undefeated streak continues into the promising season!

--Maggie Johnson, Assistant Sports Editor

Edited: BE, BP

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