Boys' Soccer falls to Elizabethtown 3-0

The Lampeter-Strasburg Boys’ Soccer Team sadly fell to Elizabethtown in the last 10 minutes of an exciting game Saturday, September 26th. L-S played a strong game, getting off a first shot by Nate Patterson (#9) at the 12 minute mark. Three other shots followed in the first half. Adam Lichty (#3) had two shots. His first shot was made at the 20 minute mark, and his second in the final 2 minutes of the first half. Matt O’Neil (#5) made the fourth shot of the first half at the 35 minute mark.

#9 Nate Patterson fights for control of the ball

 L-S began the second half with the same steady skill with which they played the first. 15 minutes into the second half, Nate Erb (#10) headed the ball off of a corner kick towards the goal, only to have the E-Town goalie catch the ball. The second half progressed with a steady struggle between the two teams. After E-town scored three times within the final 10 minutes, Alex Knarr (#11) took the final L-S shot in the game within the last 2 minutes. The final score of the game was 3-0.

L-S #11 Alex Knarr
Adam Lichty taking the ball downfield

--Lauren Mast, Guest Soccer Reporter

Edited: BE

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