Three Teachers to Complete Mini-Thon Dares Monday

Four Diamond mini-thon assembly to be held Monday, June 1 will showcase three teachers completing their "dares."

Mr. Fisher will get Chinese characters shaved in his head.
Mr. Heyser will wear high heels.
Mr. Zurn will kiss a pig.

Mr. Zurn will be kissing Arnold the Female Pig. Follow the pig on Instagram.

The assembly will also raise awareness for the Four Diamonds Fund and have a Four Diamonds child speak to Lampeter-Strasburg student body.

In total, the dare jar fundraiser generated over a $1,000 dollars for the Four Diamonds Fund. 

What is a dare jar? With a dare jar, a teacher submits a "dare" they will complete if a specified amount of money is raised. 

All donations benefit the Four Diamonds Fund which supports children with cancer in central PA. L-S will be holding its mini-thon on December 4.

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