'Senior Goodbyes' Tradition Continues with Handwritten Notes

There is a proud Lampeter-Strasburg tradition of publishing “Senior Goodbyes” in the last issue of the Limelight. Senior Goodbyes allow faculty and underclassmen to wish graduating seniors luck and graduating seniors to say farewell to their underclassmen friends and teachers.

Kristin Donaldson's Senior Goodbye to Hannah D. and Julia Eshelman.
That tradition continues this year but with the twist of the goodbyes being handwritten. Students and faculty are encouraged to personalize their goodbyes in any way and in color. Students and staff may also fill out as many as needed.

View the Senior Goodbyes PDFs here

Completed Senior Goodbyes can be submitted in the high school main office.

Still need a Senior Goodbye slip? Download this Senior Goodbyes PDF.

For examples, check out the June issue of every Limelight in the Archives section of the www.LSNews.org website. 

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