Clash of the Classes Brings Student Body Closer

After a long week of Keystone testing, one of the most anticipated events by Lampeter-Strasburg students approached: The Clash of the Classes.
Seniors representing class pride by wearing black. Photo courtesy of Mr. Sloss.
This year hosted a bounty of energizing activities that students signed up to partake in. Those who did not decide to participate in an activity found themselves enjoying the fresh, cool summertime breeze while watching the events take place or just simply spent some time with friends.
Juniors are in the house for Clash of the Classes. Photo courtesy of Devon Keyes.
As always, the Tug-O-War match drew a lot of exhilaration from the crowd; shouts and laughter filled the air as students viewed it from the bleachers. The freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors all battled it out in variety of other activities as well. Events like Food Relays, Volleyball, Trivia, Soccer, and more consumed the afternoon.
Students watching the seniors vs. freshmen in tug-o-war.
Image courtesy of Mr. Baker
Many found themselves enjoying the beverages and food provided by the school clubs.
In the end, the points were added up and Mr. Cooper announced the results. Seniors came in first, followed by the juniors, then sophomores, and finally the freshman.
Students enjoying the sun and grass volleyball.
Not the most surprising results, perhaps, but still students enjoyed the atmosphere and loved to get some freedom after all of those tests. Julia Eshleman, a senior, commented on her enjoyment of the Clash of the Classes, saying, “I loved Clash of the Classes. I had so much fun! I really liked how you could tell who was in what grade by their shirts. And I think that it gave a sense of unity to both our school and classes.” And, referring to how the seniors had won overall, she also displayed some class pride in saying, “It was also fun to cream everyone!”

It's a white-out! Juniors were represented by white. Photo courtesy of Mr. Sloss
Alex Velez, a senior, expressed his enjoyment of getting out of the classrooms for a little bit. “I liked the music [and] being able to just take a break from school and enjoy being outside with friends.”
 Photo courtesy of Damian Rosa
The Clash of the Classes was once again a big success. It got all of the students and teachers involved in an event that brought the school body closer together as well as gave everyone an opportunity to take a rest from the busywork of the usual routine.
Freshmen in blue prepare for street hockey. Photo courtesy of Mr. Sloss
This was a great reward after all of that testing… and the students and faculty certainly seemed to appreciate it and enjoy it.

-- Joey Shiffer, Staff Writer

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