Martin Meylin gets a female wrestler

Lampeter-Strasburg has a fantastic wrestling team. The 9th graders are on the middle school team and being a freshman so am I.

What you don't know if that I'm a girl. Now being a girl on an all-boys team is fun. Some people think that I shouldn't wrestle with boys. I disagree.

The boys, for the most part, treat me like anyone else on the team. I have grown strong and have learned a lot from wrestling. Wrestling has become a big part of my life. Some boys are stronger than me and destroy me. But it makes me better. Wrestling isn't an easy sport just in general. The benefits are worth the effort you have to put into it.

I have wanted to wrestle since fifth grade, but I never said anything about it. Then in eighth grade, Mr. Franklin talked about an all-girls wrestling team. I knew I wanted to do it. My parents agreed, and I fell in love with the sport.

I decided to join the boy's team and don't regret it.

I may not be very good at wrestling, but I love it. We need more girl wrestlers. Hopefully, more girls will consider wrestling.

--By Hailey Weaver, LS News reporter

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