New restaurant opens in Lampeter

If you have not heard about the Lampeter Cafe, you must be either living under a rock because everyone is talking about the new cafe on the corner of Lampeter and Village Road. It opened last month, the same day the Lampeter Fair began.

The menu mainly consists of quiche & soup with drinks and other small items. Visit their Facebook page for the latest offerings. As more kitchen equipment arrives, there will be additional items on the menu.

My mother is one of the managers. From what I have heard from her, they are incredibly busy. Patience is greatly appreciated as they figure out what they are doing.

When you walk in the main doors, you enter that main area where you can order food and drinks. The first floor has a big seating area, along with a summer kitchen where there is a giant fireplace that was used years ago.

On the second floor, there is more general seating as well as a big event space room which has folding tables and a flat screen television for presenting. I love to sit up in the quiet upstairs and do my homework after a busy school day.

Across the patio is the Livery. The livery is a beautiful event space that can be rented out.

The original property was built circa 1760 and has been home to a livery, tavern, wainwright (making and repairing of wagons and carts), blacksmith, and automobile repair shop.

--By Jenna Lapp, LS News reporter

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