L-S student groups to march in annual Strasburg Halloween Parade

On Thursday evening the Strasburg Lions Club will be holding its annual Strasburg Halloween Parade beginning at 7 pm. Several Lampeter-Strasburg clubs including Marching Band, Interact Club, Garden Spot FFA, and the Thespian Society will be participating in costume with themed floats while distributing candy to bystanders. 
The L-S marching band from 2015. The parade was cancelled last year due to poor weather.

The parade starts from Jaycee Park at 218B Miller Street and ends at Shenk Avenue.

Parade route

Kids and groups are encouraged to march in costume. For more information, call Kristin Fernitz at 717-687-8969. Motorists are asked to be patient and gracious when encountering traffic detours and delays caused by the event.

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