High School welcomes new furry face

Last October, Lampeter-Strasburg High School welcomed its first four legged employee, Susquehanna Service Dog Maya. In the past 12 months, Maya has become a favorite around the high school with both students and staff alike often calling out, "Hi, Maya!" as the furry friend patrols the halls between classes.

Earlier in the month, School Psychologist Ms. Kristin Glass, one of Maya's handlers, introduced the high school staff to SSD Phelps. Phelps is a Dog-in-Training through Susquehanna Service Dogs. Phelps is being raised by one of the same Puppy Raisers who helped raise SSD Maya.

Phelps comes in a few times a week to continue to learn to be a service dog. He is 15 months old and will begin advanced training probably in February to be placed with someone or at a facility depending on where they decide his skill set fits best.

You can find Phelps at Hans Herr in the morning and in the afternoon in the high school helping students.

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