Help the L-S Community Closet by donating your formal wear

The L-S Community Closet is once again hosting a formal clothing drive for Homecoming. This year, it will be a little different, however. In the past, the event has only had dresses but starting this year, Formals for Formal will have both dresses and men’s clothing. LSCC will be partnering with Aevidum to organize and host the event. Donations will be appreciated but not required. All donations will go towards Maya, the school’s service dog.
Formals for Formal is open to anyone, whether you’re someone who can’t afford to buy anything new, or for those who just don’t want to shell out for some clothes they might only wear once.

The event will be October 4 and 5 and will start during RTII and go until 6 pm both days.

The only way to make this happen is if we receive donations! So put any unwanted formal clothing into the boxes in the school.

--By Emma Medlock, LS News reporter

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