Enigma Weekend Edition: ''While I Sit Here"

"While I Sit Here"
By Anonymous

While I sit here
In my bed,
I cannot help but fume,
“How dare they?”
Women march to the capital,
Where President Trump now resides,
And they protest,
And they fight for “justice,”
And they silence.
These “feminists” do not
Deserve that title.
The title of true feminists,
Like Susan B. Anthony
And Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
Will never truly be theirs for the taking.
While they shout about bigotry and
Scream, “Love trumps hate,”
Saudi women cannot freely leave their homes,
Cannot drive to a friend’s house,
And are not allowed to pursue
A higher education;
Something we so often take for granted.
These “feminists” cry for the continuation
Of willful Murder
So that if a woman doesn’t want to
Have a baby,
She can “terminate the embryo
Peacefully and safely.”
The “feminists” fight for “choice”
And “Control over Your Body.”
How can two become one?
How does a baby,
An Innocent Child,
Become a burden that needs to be
The “feminists” fight
For a terrorist Group.
One that uses violence
Against Cops,
The very people who swore
To protect us.
The Group screams for
“Just” reparations against the Officers
When a criminal, who just
So happens to be black,
Is killed for being a threat
To the Officer’s life.
The “feminists” say that
The violent protesting is ok
And that
You’re Racist for not supporting the protests.
You’re a Bigot.
These “feminists”
Silence all who oppose their views.
Pro-lifers are Silenced,
Those actually fighting for
Women’s Rights in the Middle East
Are Silenced,
And anyone who dares to call BLM a hate group
Is utterly Silenced.
I refuse to be Silenced any further.
I do not accept that I
Will not be allowed to speak.
This, in essence,
Is Bigotry,
And Bigots have no place in this country.
I am tired of being shut up,
Tired of being shut down,
And most of all,
Tired of having to
Stay quiet,
Smooth down my hair,
And appear happy to appease the “feminists'”
Wrathful eyes.
I am tired of being in fear of speaking.
I have decided that
I am not going to stay quiet,
I am not going to smooth down my hair,
And I am not going to be happy
Until every woman has a right
To go to college,
Until every child is protected by law,
And until people understand
That criminals are not to be judged by the color of their skin.
I am not,
And Will not,
Be what you call
A “feminist.”


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