From the editor: is back!

To our readers:

The most loyal among you will have noticed that we have not published an article in over a week. This is the longest gap in publication since our inception (during the school year), and quite frankly, we struggled not to publish the news.

Unfortunately, as any entity expands, there tend to be growing pains. Last week, experienced some of its own. Cautiously optimistic that concerns on all sides of the issue have been addressed, we plan to resume publication this week. 

We apologize for gaps in our coverage, specifically with regard to our series on eleventh grade Burrowes Scholars -- the remainder of those articles will be published in the coming week -- and sports coverage -- we will publish a roundup of district sporting events within the next few days. 

Thank you for your continued support of this student publication; with 172,000 views and counting since we began 363 days ago, we cannot thank you enough for helping us have this truly unique and transformative educational experience.


Benjamin Pontz

(On behalf of the editorial board)

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