Delfert delighted with Dallastown distinctions

It can be easy to assume that track is not a terribly interesting sport. After all, most of it is akin to NASCAR without the crashes (hopefully). But there if there is one thing in track that is exciting for everyone, from spectators to participants, it is invitationals.

Invitational meets are usually held at larger schools, sometimes colleges, and are the county fairs of track. Multiple schools compete at once, dotting the fields and hills around the track with colored bags and tents, and medals are handed out to meet champions.

Now for L-S in year past, invitationals have not always been a great place to show off muscle. Coach Matt Delfert commented that usually L-S doesn’t have "enough bodies," but this year "we have good athletes." So what did the Pioneers manage last weekend at Dallastown, one of the bigger invitationals of the year?
Brady Stoner continued his success in the hurdles, winning the event at the Dallastown Invitational
Brady Stoner, who has already beaten the school record for the 300 meter hurdles, was champion in that event. 

"It was great to run without wind," he says, adding with a sheepish grin, "running under the lights is always cool."

Ezra Mellinger, who this year has broken the freshman records in both the long jump and 100 meter dash was champion in the long jump at Dallastown. 

"The other guys were really bragging and aloof, but I beat them in the end," he stated with satisfaction.

Kristen Herr, whose success this season has been well documented, continued to shine with a victory in the discus event.

Truly stealing the show, however, was the girls’ four by 800 and four by 400 relays, both champions. The four by four was run by Josie Weaver, Hailey Welchans, Lauren Gard, and Julia Pritchard. 
Julia Pritchard carried the baton to help the girls 4x4 and 4x8
teams bring home the medals from Dallastown

"It felt good, we felt fast," says Pritchard. "It stopped raining just for us."

Winning came as a surprise considering the group was seeded third.

In the four by 800, the girls are now three time defending champs, with this year’s team consisting of Welchans, Gard, Pritchard, and Jasmine McClintock. 

"It was nice returning and defending our third year," explains McClintock with Welchans adding simply that "we knew what we needed to do and we did it."

It was a strong showing for a smaller school like L-S, and as the team moves into the post-season, members are looking for even more championships.

--Justin Burkett, Managing Editor; Photos by Payton King, Staff Photographer

Edited: BP

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