Girls Lacrosse defeats Warwick 10-3

The Lampeter-Strasburg girls lacrosse team continued their winning streak today with a victory against Warwick. The Pioneers won with a score of 10 to 3. 
Many of the points earned were scored by freshman Kelsey Kimmel, senior Hannah Keller, senior Madi Lawhead, and sophomore Kendal Ream. Today's game was highly important- crucial to the success of the girls’ season. 

Sarah Rhineer
With the pressure on for the game, the Pioneers fought well throughout the game and defeated Warwick, continuing their unexpected winning streak by winning the sixth of six games that they have played thus far in their season. Senior Sarah Rhineer commented on the midfielders and the team as a whole: “We had good transitions in midfield, and we worked as a team on the field.” Working together as a team greatly impacts the game results; if the team is not in sync, it could potentially jeopardize a victory. “We played really well together as a team!” commented freshman Bella Beiler. Despite rough play including Marissa Denlinger being pushed by an opposing team member, the girls were able to maintain a considerable lead over Warwick.  

Overall, the Pioneers are enthusiastically pleased with their victory and are continuously optimistic for their future success for this unexpected undefeated season.

--Maggie Johnson, Assistant Sports Editor

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