Tri-M carries on Singing Valentine tradition

February always brings with it the love-soaked holiday known as Valentine’s Day, when people paste anatomically-incorrect hearts everywhere and ship flowers to their partners in order to convey their love for one another. The history of this long-celebrated day remains shrouded in mystery, but the day’s namesake, St. Valentine, may have married lovers in secret after the ruler of the time banned marriage for young men, hence the romantic origins of the holiday. Of course, if you do not celebrate on February 14, you can always go out the next day and get a great deal on chocolate.
Senior Mackenzie Miller couldn't pass up the opportunity to embarrass
her freshman brother Jansen with a charming serenade

Here at L-S, we have our own special tradition: Singing Valentines. Each year, students gather around the side table at lunch to order their cards for friends, love interests, or just people they want to see embarrassed. Groups of singers from the Tri-M Music Honor Society -- for whom the Valentines are a fundraiser -- as well as Madrigals wander the hallways, cards in hand, ready to pop into classrooms and sing their hearts out to the lucky recipients.
Ben Eidemiller and Eric Gross receive a pleasant musical interlude

This year, the girls’ groups sang “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease and “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor, and the guys performed a rendition of “Just Haven't Met You Yet” by Jason Mraz. They practiced two or three times a week with as many people present as possible, but even then, because of the singing being scheduled for Friday, February 12, some singers would not have been able to make it. So, in a way, these winter squalls came at just the right time. On Tuesday, more could sing.
Even the office is not insulated from the exuberant singing

No feeling compares to the emotions felt while being sung to by an ensemble in front of your entire class, and even though you might be slightly annoyed by your friends giggling in the back row, you still end up with a smile on your face.

“ is being seductively serenaded by groups of your friends singing love songs for you,” Aron Possler, one of the Tri-M members, states.

Every February, we carry on this pleasant, joyous tradition while showcasing our fantastic vocalists. Everyone needs a little dose of love now and then, and our Valentines make it easy to show each other just how much we care. To perfectly sum it up, Aron describes them as “generally a great way to continue the tradition, have tons of fun, and respectfully embarrass some people along the way.”

View a full collection of Singing Valentines via YouTube

--Lillian Murr, School News Editor; Videography by Katelynn Gebhart, Contributor

Edited: BP

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