Students share new year's resolutions

We asked L-S high school students what their resolutions are for the coming year. Here's what they are planning to do as the clock strikes midnight.
We polled students around the high school on what their New Year's resolutions are: here's what they told us.
Graphic designed by Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief
Photo of the high school courtesy of Mrs. Anne Harnish


  • Elke Arnesen: “To spread the word about veganism! And be really happy!”
  • Justin Burkett: “To be happier.”
  • Tristan Davidson: “To be a better part of my church community and to apply myself better by becoming a more active follower of the missions trips that I have planned.”
  • Alexis Mongeau: “To do more things for others and to not procrastinate on the little things!”


  • Colin Anderson: “To eat healthier.”
  • Kaitlyn Boulter: “To have a better work ethic in everything I do.”
  • Bethany Bradford: “To learn a new instrument!”
  • Lea Butcher: “To try and continue to grow out of my comfort zone!”
  • Chad Gaudino: “To be a better person all-around.”
  • Morgan Groff: “To focus on my artwork more and find new inspiration.”
  • Danielle Hess: “My New Year’s resolution is to forgive others who have harmed me and find peace within myself. Also, to better myself and to become more open to others and to help others.”
  • Sarah Johnson: “To be as kind as I can to everyone as much as I can”
  • McKenna Kimmel: “My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time on my business, Quiver, and to also practice archery on a regular basis to be able to compete at higher levels.”
  • Jaclyn Kuro: “My New Year’s resolution is to take life a little more seriously. Get rid of the distractions in my life and start looking into what my real passions are.”
  • Aron Possler: “To continue waking up each morning with the mindset of success.”
  • Conner Shelton: “I want to try to manage my time better and get more sleep.”
  • Kaitlyn Soto: “My resolution for the new year is to finally discover what my major will be in college.”


  • Ethan Bare: "To gain 10 pounds of muscle and grow 4 inches."
  • Kelsy Eachus: "To be more confident."
  • Ian Nieves: “To be nicer to people in general, because if you make one person happy, you can make a whole group of people happy.”
  • Claire Warner: “To give and receive as many hugs as possible!”


  • Caleb Bruner: "To wear my socks on the right feet."
  • Becca Herr: "To try my best in all my classes, especially lit"
  • Payton King: "To become comfortable with awkward silence"
  • Delaney McCormick: "To eat healthier"
--Compiled by Lillian Murr, School News Editor and Benjamin Pontz, Editor-In-Chief

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